Hi, I'm Yasmeen!

I'm a hackathon-obsessed software engineer exploring fun & futuristic ideas. I previously worked at Hook, Oscar Health, GS, Celo, Tinder, Snapchat, and NASA.

New York, NY
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NYC Run Clubs
2023 - now

The go-to information hub for the NYC running community.

QuantumCoupon AI
Jan 2024 | Groupon Innovators Challenge

AI-powered sales outreach tool for Groupon's sales team. Winner of Groupon's Sales Automation Competition.

Spring 2022

Crypto payment links using Solana Pay.

Dec 2017 | YHack

Multiplayer trivia app with questions generated based on course lectures/notes.

Sep 2017 | MHacks X

Augmented reality iOS app for that displays Yelp rating and Facebook check-in info above detected storefronts.

Augmented Reality
Sep 2017 | PennApps XVI

Augmented reality iOS app that uses computer vision to identify text on pill bottles and track medication usage.

Augmented Reality
Fizz Filter
Oct 2016 | Reality Virtually Hackathon

Mixed reality HoloLens app that allows users to scan a room and virtually apply a theme to the walls and furniture.

Augmented Reality
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